Chand Akbari: Pioneering Affordable Excellence as the Youngest Web Developer in India

Chand Akbari
Chand Akbari

About Chand Akbari

Chand Akbari, born on April 8, 2005, in Balapar Village, Gujarat, has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of web development. Recognized for his innovation and commitment to affordability, Akbari is the founder and CEO of AN INFOWAY, a company dedicated to providing high-quality web development services at cost-effective rates.

Early Life and Education

From a young age, Chand Akbari exhibited a keen interest in technology and programming. His passion for web development became a defining aspect of his journey, leading him to become one of the youngest and most innovative web developers in the industry.


Chand was born into a middle-class family, with his father Nileshbhai working as a farmer and his mother Sumitaben as a homemaker. Growing up in this environment, Chand learned the importance of perseverance and dedication, values that would later drive his success as an entrepreneur.

Career Onset

At just 16 years old, on August 13, 2021, Chand Akbari launched his first web development project, marking the commencement of his impactful career. He went on to launch AN Infoway at the age of 17. Focused on delivering excellence at an affordable price point, Akbari’s approach quickly garnered attention within the industry.


Chand Akbari spearheads AN INFOWAY as its founder and CEO, steering the company towards its mission of providing top-notch web development services without the hefty price tag. Under his leadership, the company has successfully executed projects that showcase a perfect blend of innovation and affordability.

Mission: Affordable Excellence:

At the heart of AN INFOWAY’s mission, championed by Chand Akbari, is the goal to make web development services accessible to a broader audience. By offering competitive prices without compromising quality, the company empowers individuals and businesses to establish a robust online presence.

Recognition and Acclaim:

Chand Akbari has not only gained acclaim for his technical prowess but also for his unwavering dedication to making web development services affordable. His work has resonated with a broad audience, and he continues to inspire emerging developers globally.

In conclusion, Chand Akbari’s journey as the youngest web developer in India reflects a commitment to excellence and affordability, setting a precedent for the industry’s future innovators. AN INFOWAY, under his leadership, continues to be a beacon of quality web development accessible to all.

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